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how do you use potions


thank you

cool game! not a fan of the control scheme tho, wish there was a way to change it
also not sure whether this is intended or not, but trying to jump right after your character attacks makes the character always only jumps a little bit

dont know how to use potion :(

but the game overall is good, ope, its holding c

This game and everything about it is amazing. The only bad thing i can think of is that there isnt enough of it. Keep up the great work my friend!

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Thank you, you have no idea how much your words mean to me!

There's a plan to make this into full game, introducing more mechanics, unlocks and challenges. Please follow for more!!

Hayye, I'm looking forward to the full release and the features there of. I have no doubt that it will become one hell of a fantastic game, especially with you working on it. I will wait patiently for it.

Also I noticed the game starts glitching out a little bit after level 160, I clipped outside of the border and fell down, I forgot to mention it the last time.

Very fun!


Hey I remember you. Glad that you're still active and productive. Thanks for playing!

Hmm not bad :)


This is awesome! I look forward to seeing what it becomes :)


This is really cool! I love the art style and the soundtrack, and the gameplay is really solid too. Very cool experience!


Thank you for your positive feedback! I've just upload the newer 1.0.7 version! make sure you check it out >.<

I made a bossfight at level 20. more monster coming soon!