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Oh man, as an ex-bartender myself, this is a throwback :) the part about the long island made me laugh, well done!


For some reason, the game does not fit within my screen...

yea I cant see all of it either

can i please have a walkthrough on this game?????? someone! anyone! 

Hello, what part do you need help with? 

when she starts to walk through the hallway 

You mean after the woman leaves and you need to make a Long Island Ice Tea?

To make it you need to have an equal amount of all the alcohol types and leave a bit of space at the top to add ice cubes. It can be difficult and might take a few tries to get it right.

I hope that helps! 




i keep making the green concoction 😅it's a very chill game lol

the text box also did not load properly for me on browser, but worked fine when downloaded

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Hello :)

Well made dark story and the art is great :)

Making the drinks is interesting too :)


Thank you! :)

I'm guessin you took inspiration from Va-11hall-a which is totally fine but I think you took a bit too much inspiration in this one.


I can't play the game or read the narration. The image appears seriously cropped in small screens (mine is 1366x768 and in windowed mode it's the same). This is how it looks:

Thanks for letting us know. I let the programmer know about the problem. Hopefully he can fix it. Sorry! 

i also have the same problem (i dont know what size screen i have though)


I was surprised to see a Visual Novel had made it into the jam - but the presentation is all around very impressive, from the writing to little visual animations. Plus distinct but not overdone character designs, captivating music and SFX, the bits of lore for each drink, and the extra touches to interaction (like physically shaking the drink)... 

I wouldn't be surprised if this was made by a very experienced team. Not many games can have me totally absorbed, let alone one made in 48 hours. I hope this expands into something even larger.

Thank you for your kind comment! My team and I are very glad you enjoyed the game. And as the artist, I'm pleased that you liked the character design.

We hope to add some stuff in a patch post-voting!


I loved this game, the last person especially had a very intriguing story, the soundtrack was amazing, Perhaps the toturial wasn't clear enough because I did spend a good few minutes trying to find out what to do , and maybe there should be consequences for messing up a drink, and you allso unfortunately can't feed yourself poison. But other than those minor things, I loved this game, keep up the good work

Thank you so much! We are so glad you enjoyed the game. I also appreciate the feedback. We hope to improve it in the future and keep it up!